Interactive Audio-Visual System for Dance Clubs, 2002

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Sound Bubbles
Sound Bubbles
Virtual Turntable
Virtual Turntable
Wireless Slider
Wireless Slider

The iClub is a system featuring sound, graphics, and interactive elements that enhance the experience of visitors to dance clubs. This system enables new possibilities for immersion and interaction in the dance club's already rich sensory environment.

Demonstration Video

Description: Joshua Samberg demonstrates highlights of the iClub
Length: 2:17

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iClub Details

Software in the iClub detects the beats and frequencies in the music played in the club, then broadcasts them over a network to the entire club space. Visualizations on large, high-resolution touch screens on walls and tables use this information to create graphics that are synchronized to the beat of the music and respond to the frequencies in it. The screens allow the club visitors to influence both graphics and sound by touching them. The entertainment on the screens includes:

Wireless devices are also used for interaction in the iClub environment, including:

The iClub system is easily extensible so that new screens, devices, visualizations, or games can be added without requiring any recompilation of existing software or reconfiguration of existing hardware.